Shelly Forgey

A Time for Hope

Last fall, my husband severely pruned four holly trees in front of our house in preparation for the new siding we were having put on.  We wanted to save them, but we also knew that it would be impossible for the siding crew to do what needed to be done if the hollies were left as they were. We waited through the winter, watching for over six months as the four shrubs stood,

Tribute to the Pioneers

“Only the Father goes before you To your own frontier You’re a pioneer.” — Nancy Honeytree It’s tough to be a pioneer.  Pioneers have a special calling and special gifts that make them suited for blazing the trails that make the journey possible for the rest of us. Pioneers discover truths that turn the lights on for those who feel like they’re sitting in darkness.  Sometimes when they share those truths, they upset the status quo and bring down the
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Start a Healthy Trend

My new favorite Greek word is “apheimi.”  To be honest, it’s been my favorite Greek word for almost two years now.  I’ve had other favorite Greek words in the past, being a mathematician, but when “apheimi” came into my vocabulary a while back, it shoved all those others way down the list.  You might say I have been consumed with it. “Apheimi” is a game-changer.  It changes the forgiveness game. You see, there are three entities involved in every forgiveness
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“A Story of Freedom and Hope” — Jolie W.

With soft words and tenderness, this book spoke to the child in me and the adult. It is inspiring and it is sweet. Shelly, through her words, manages to reach out through the pages of delicate and beautiful illustrations, and wrap you in a warm hug. Just like Carissa, she gives you a feeling of love and safety. From that place of love and safety, she gives you hope. There is freedom in this little story that we all desperately
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I broke Baby Jesus! Can it still be Christmas?!


Last night, the unthinkable happened. A Christmas nightmare. I broke Baby Jesus. Yes, I did. I was placing the little barn full of carefully wrapped figurines up on its shelf of honor, when one extra-specially-wrapped bundle worked itself loose and hurled itself toward the earth. Baby Jesus is always wrapped in swaddling paper towels and laid in a Ziploc sandwich bag at the end of the holiday season. Nevertheless, the sound of breaking pottery was unmistakable. The thoughts tumbling through
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Who is Gracie, Anyway?

Gracie is seven years old.  She lives with her mother and her little brother, Nicholas.  Something happened to her in the past, something that still troubles her emotions.  In fact, it doesn’t seem to be getting better.  It seems to be growing in her heart, taking over her life and making her very sad. I’ll bet you can think of someone like Gracie.  Perhaps she is all grown up now.  Maybe it’s your mother, or your sister, or your best
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Seven Springs and One Word

Every day, I drive down a lovely little lonely lane called Seven Springs Road.  And just about every time I do, there is a vehicle parked in a particular bend of the road, because someone has come to fill up their plastic containers with the water that pours out of the wall of rock.  This morning was no exception. The water is good, yes.  It is pure and clean, and tastes like no water you have ever tasted in your
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