“Only the Father goes before you

To your own frontier

You’re a pioneer.” — Nancy Honeytree

It’s tough to be a pioneer.  Pioneers have a special calling and special gifts that make them suited for blazing the trails that make the journey possible for the rest of us.

Pioneers discover truths that turn the lights on for those who feel like they’re sitting in darkness.  Sometimes when they share those truths, they upset the status quo and bring down the wrath of “the powers that be.”  Sometimes pioneers take wrong turns and wind up in places that discredit them, seemingly leaving them on the ash-heap of public opinion.  Sometimes they forge so far ahead that their discoveries are lost with them.  Sometimes they become weary of the burden.  Sometimes being on the “cutting edge” brings blood – usually their own.

But there’s one thing pioneers never do.   They never stop.  They keep their eyes fixed ahead, and they become restless when they become settlers.

Listening to Nancy Honeytree sing “Pioneer” made me want to thank those who sacrificed, and who continue to sacrifice, to make my journey possible.

“The Father in Heaven, He is glad you can go.

For those who come after you will need the road.”

Thank you, Pioneers.  You are giants,and you still stand tall.