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Start a Healthy Trend

My new favorite Greek word is “apheimi.”  To be honest, it’s been my favorite Greek word for almost two years now.  I’ve had other favorite Greek words in the past, being a mathematician, but when “apheimi” came into my vocabulary a while back, it shoved all those others way down the list.  You might say I have been consumed with it. “Apheimi” is a game-changer.  It changes the forgiveness game. You see, there are three entities involved in every forgiveness
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What Do You Do With Little, Brown Rocks?

My daughter, Audrey, is 6. It’s a great age. The world is starting to look like something that maybe you could understand a little. Questioning things produces answers that finally make some sense. But at the same time the mysterious nature of life and the universe and God are being experienced. Audrey is ok with that. While she wants to know all she can about…everything, she is surprisingly content when things just can’t be explained. She is a deep soul.
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